Address: Leninskaya St. 180, Cherikov, Mogilev Region, 213533
Telephone Nr: +375 224331851

The museum was founded in 1983 and opened for visitors on 27 November 1986. The museum has six exhibition halls, which consistently present the historical facts from the history of Cherikov. There is the hall of the pre-revolutionary period, the hall of the Lemenskaya school commune, the hall of the Great Patriotic War. The most important to the area is the hall of ethnography, in which there are classes of ritual fields and museum educational programs implemented. The total number of objects in the main fund on 1 January 2012 is 8,149 items. The museum participated in the regional scientific-practical conferences "Crafts of Mogilyov. Traditions and Modernity" and "Ethnographic Clothing of the Dnieper Region".

The First National Forum "Museums of Belarus". Museum Catalogue. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, 2012.

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Cherikov Historical and Regional Studies Museum.


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